A New Round of Energy Revolution Rising, Smart Energy Promising

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    Energy field is the lifeblood of China’s economy. How to innovate energy development fields or paths and realize the advance and popularization and application of smart energy is receiving China’s strategic support.

    National Energy Administration officially issued Guiding Opinions on Advancing the Development of Internet plus Smart Energy on February 24, 2016. The opinions put forward that during the period from 2016 to 2018, the demonstration work in the pilot area of Energy Internet should be vigorously advanced by establishing a batch of pilot demonstration projects of different types and scales. It’s proposed to surmount key technical difficulties and core equipment, making the Energy Internet Technology reach the international advanced level.

    Smart energy is a very new concept emerging in recent years. A new round of energy revolution centering on the electricity and featured with cleanness and intelligence is in the process of rising across the globe and driving the evolvement of the third industrial revolution. In china, with the introduction of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Energy Internet with the smart power grids and the distributed energy resources as the framework will become an important means to realize China’s revolution of energy production, consumption, technology and system. The roadmap of the Internet Smart Energy is rising.

    The Development Prospect Forecast and Investment Analysis Report of Smart Energy Industry issued by the Institute for Prospective Industries showed that China’s smart energy industry has developed rapidly. The demand size in 2011 was 39.2 billion yuan and in 2015 it had climbed to 70.8 billion yuan. In the new economic situation, China is faced with the pressures from both the energy environment and the economic development. There is a dire need for a revolution in energy production and consumption.  Smart energy will become an important product after the marriage of Internet and the traditional energy. China’s smart energy revolution will create an energy market with great development potential.

    Now more than 300 cities in China have launched the planning and construction of smart cities. This provides comprehensive platforms and policy supports to the development of the Energy Interconnected Wide Area Network.

    The supplier of the smart energy industry is the electronic information industry, mainly including chips, sensors, gateways, storages, servers and application software. At present, the electronic information industry has grown relatively mature. There are a variety of products with strong substitutability. The smart energy enterprises thus have many choices. As a result, the bargaining power on the supplier’s side is limited.  

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