Far East Energy's business scope
  •   The most essential feature of integrated energy services is to change the free mode of separated design and independent operation of various energy supply systems, such as power supply, gas supply, cooling supply and heat supply, using modern physical information technology, intelligent technology and upgrading management mode, to coordinate and optimize the distribution, transformation, storage and consumption of all kinds of energy in the process of planning, design, construction and operation, and to make full use of the new regional energy supply system of renewable energy. The future development of integrated energy services will be towards the diversification of supply energy, service diversification, energy diversification and intelligent trend.

  •   Using clean energy, Internet and Internet of things technology to provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly and economical energy technology solutions, improve the structure of energy supply, improve regional comprehensive energy efficiency, optimize terminal energy quality, and improve social energy use methods.

  •   According to various policies issued by the state and Jiangsu Province, to carry out point-of-sale business is the fourth part of the “generation-transmission-distribution-sale-use” link in the process of electricity transmission.On June 28, 2018, the electricity sales business of Far East Energy Co., Ltd. was registered in Jiangsu Electric Power Trading Center, and the electricity sales business was officially launched at the end of the same year.

  •   Far East Energy Co., Ltd. carries out the general contracting business of EPC electric power project, and carries out the whole process or several stages of contracting for the design, purchase, construction and trial operation of the project according to the contract agreement. Since 2018, Far East Energy has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Sesame Energy and Suzhou Chuangyuante to contract the general contracting business of electric power project for its nationwide charging station project.

  •   According to the policies issued by the state and Jiangsu Province, the sale of electricity is the fourth link in the process of power transmission, distribution and sale of electricity. With regard to the profit model, it is popular to say that the electricity company is to replace the rational users to negotiate with the power plant to obtain the difference, as far as possible to reduce the cost of electricity users. And according to the sale agreement with the user from the difference, business expenses are mainly deviation assessment.

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