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  • 产业事业

    Industrial Business

    In terms of industry, Far East insists on the strategy of “Owner + Investment”. Its main business is listed company Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., committed to be world’s leading service provider of smarter energy and smart city. In regard to investment, Far East Holding Group has achieved good results in foreign investment repeatedly, with great overall investment results. By October 31, 2017, Far East Holding Group has invested 339 enterprises, in which 96 have been listed (28 of which are for New OTC). 12 enterprises are pre-announced./p>

  • 教育事业

    Education Business

    Far East University was established in 2010. It is a top 10 business school of national entrepreneurial universities and keeps partnership with a dozen of universities and colleges. Far East University insists on the philosophy of “Respect Talents, Cultivate Talents, and Help Talents to Make Achievements”, formulating programs for cultivating talents, based on the idea of “Study, Occupation, and Career”. The university is in pursuit of win-win between the enterprise and employees, providing the staff with systematic learning platform and partners with services for field research and case study.

  • 慈善事业

    Charity Business

    Far East Charitable Foundation was sponsored in 2007 by Far East Holding Group, devoted to help disabled people and social vulnerable groups. It has made positive contributions to the progress and development of social welfare and social civilization.

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