Successful Delivery | Far East Battery's First Airport Energy Storage Project Successfully Connected to the Grid

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  Recently, Far East Battery’s first airport energy storage project was successfully delivered and connected to the grid, achieving successful operation. The implementation of this project is a major breakthrough for Far East Battery in the field of green energy and continues to support the sustainable development of Xining Caojiabao International Airport’s energy. The successful implementation of this project is of great significance for promoting the optimization of airport energy structure and achieving low-carbon development.



  Xining Caojiabao International Airport is the largest international airport on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and has a strong demand for the economy, reliability, and stability of electricity. Based on application requirements, Far East Battery has provided a high-security, long-life, and high-energy-efficient 108KW/215KWh standard liquid-cooled outdoor integrated cabinet product. After the project delivery, the Far East Battery energy storage system can cooperate with the photovoltaic system for intelligent operation. When the airport load cannot absorb the photovoltaic power generation, it can be used to store excess electricity. At the same time, combined with local peak-valley periods, peak shaving and valley filling functions are realized to alleviate the peak load pressure on the grid, optimize the allocation of electric power resources, improve the utilization rate of new energy, and increase the comprehensive energy project’s revenue.

  The Far East Battery 108KW/215KWh standard liquid-cooled outdoor integrated cabinet product adopts self-developed and self-made power electronic battery packs. Through package-level monitoring and fault isolation measures, it comprehensively guards the safety of energy storage, ensuring system reliability and stability. In addition, the product also adopts a new topology technology, realizing the optimization of the whole machine size and efficiency. Compared with the industry’s conventional energy storage solutions, it can achieve higher energy density, lower electricity cost, and occupy less space.

  In the process of product delivery, Far East Battery has always focused on customers, establishing a service system that runs through the entire cycle and multiple nodes of product development, design, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, and after-sales service, continuously improving product design capabilities and delivery quality, and helping projects to be successfully connected to the grid.

  In the future, Far East Battery will adhere to customer-centered, supported by innovation capabilities, backed by huge market demand, establish a more diversified product matrix, continuously provide professional energy storage products and services, create value for customer applications and society, and contribute Far East strength to global energy transformation and sustainable development.

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