AI Era: Building on Arithmetic Power | Fiber & Cable Market Sees New Opportunities

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  The AI ??boom is sweeping the globe, and computing power, as the core driving force of technological progress, has become the cornerstone of the flourishing digital economy. Since last year, AI applications represented by ChatGPT have burst onto the scene, leading to the continuous upgrading and iteration of AI large models. This has also led to a surge in data volume and computing power demand, reaching new highs.

  In this wave of technological revolution, the optical communication industry has encountered unprecedented development opportunities. Optical fiber cables, with their characteristics of high speed, stability, and large capacity, have become crucial for supporting data transmission. From the “brain” of smart cities to the “neural terminals” of 5G networks, from the “data torrent” of cloud computing centers to the “precision decision-making” of big data analysis, optical fiber cables are everywhere, playing a pivotal role.

  As a company that has been deeply rooted in the industry for many years, Far East Smart Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as Far East Shares, stock code: 600869) keeps pace with the times and conducts forward-looking strategic layouts based on profound technological accumulation. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Far East Communications Co., Ltd. (referred to as Far East Communications), accurately grasps market demands and provides customers with comprehensive solutions for all scenarios. With a rich and diverse product line, it can meet data transmission requirements in different environments.

  Since its establishment in 2018, Far East Communications has steadily progressed in the optical fiber cable market with outstanding technological strength and innovation capabilities. Its core products include optical fiber preforms, optical fibers, and optical cables. The company has not only passed the TL9001/ISO9001 management system certification but also obtained many honors such as being recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the Special Optical Fiber Cable Engineering Research Center of Wuxi City, and the Outdoor Optical Cable Engineering Research Center of Yixing City.

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