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  East Holdings Group 2024 Annual Conference and 2023 Personnel Awards Ceremony have come to a successful conclusion! Through the collective efforts of all employees, East Holdings Group has achieved continuous growth in revenue and satisfactory results.

  In the past year, East Smart Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as “East” below) has participated in numerous key and highlight projects, continuously developing in the areas of intelligent cable networks, smart batteries, and smart airports. The three major industries continue to develop. In the field of intelligent cable networks, East successfully won the bid for the country’s first “wind and solar energy storage integration” power transmission ultra-high voltage project (Longdong-Shandong ±800kV ultra-high voltage DC transmission line Shaanxi Yan’an Yellow River Great Crossover Project), Sichuan-Chongqing ultra-high voltage AC project, and some projects mainly focused on clean energy transmission.

  With the business development, East Cable always adheres to strict quality control to ensure the quality standards of every product because only outstanding quality can win the trust of customers and market recognition. At the same time, actively implementing differentiation strategy by continuously exploring new growth points and customer groups through market, product, and customer triple differentiation. On the digital front, continuously optimizing project processes to improve operational efficiency. In addition, in terms of technology, continuously launching innovative products and participating in the development of 36 national, industry, and association standards, contributing East’s strength to the industry development. Overall, products in the field of intelligent cable networks continue to gain market recognition in areas such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, green buildings, and new energy.

  Smart Battery: Successfully won the bid for the comprehensive smart energy project at Xining Caojiapu International Airport and obtained the rooftop photovoltaic integrated energy storage system project.

  East Battery closely follows the trend of the industry, continuously introduces innovative products and technologies to provide customers with more intelligent, efficient, and reliable solutions. Meanwhile, seizing the opportunity of energy storage development, deeply cultivating the overseas household energy storage market, establishing a Dutch subsidiary, expanding overseas channels, deepening overseas technical services and after-sales capabilities. By innovating in technology, products, and business models, deepening the product layout in industrial and commercial electricity storage scenarios contribute to the industry’s development.

  Smart Airport: Successfully bid for the visual aids light project of the second phase expansion project of Harbin Taiping International Airport, as well as multiple airport projects in Taiyuan, Urumqi, Jiayuguan, and Xi’an. Key progress has been made in the construction of international airport projects like Lanzhou Zhongchuan, Xi’an Xianyang, Taiyuan Wusu, Hong Kong, and Pakistan Gwadar, etc.

  Focused on the requirements of “Four Type Airport” construction, constantly enhancing the R&D innovation capabilities in airport special equipment and intelligent airport system areas. In the future, Jinghang An will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation to contribute more East’s strength to the construction of smart airports.

  Looking ahead, East will continue to adhere to its strategic goals and drive high-quality development in 2024. Continuing deep cultivation in the three major areas of intelligent cable networks, smart batteries, and smart airports, driving development through innovation, winning the market based on quality, providing customers with higher quality products and services.

  In the implementation of key initiatives, efforts will be made in market expansion, talent development, technological innovation, digitalization, branding, sustainable development, and social responsibility.

  Talent Development: Talent is the core driving force for enterprise development. Therefore, East will continue to increase recruitment and training efforts, attract more outstanding talents to join the East family through campus recruitment and social recruitment methods and establish a complete talent training system to provide strong support for employees’ career development.

  Technological Innovation and R&D: Technological innovation is the key to driving continuous enterprise development. Continuously promote the research and development of new products and technological innovation, constantly enhance the competitiveness and market share of products. In addition, through integrated services, provide customers with systematic solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

  Digitization: Actively promote intelligent transformation and digital transformation to enhance production efficiency and product quality. In 2024, the main focus will be on the implementation of automated demonstration lines, warehousing and logistics automation demonstration factories, lighthouse factories, CRM large customer platforms, and the implementation of some lean and digital projects. By realizing the digitalization and intelligence of the production process through automated production lines and intelligent management systems, further improve production efficiency and product quality to provide full support and guarantee for marketing.

  Project Engineering Progress: Will continue to advance the construction progress of various key projects. Projects such as Yibin Smart Industrial Park, Communication Fiber Rod Fiber Project, High-end Marine Cable Industry Base Project, Yixing Base Digital Project will be orderly advanced as planned.

  Looking to the future, East will hold onto its original intention, fulfill the mission of “creating value, serving society”, while pursuing economic benefits, continue to focus on sustainable development and social responsibility, advocate the concept of ecological priority, green development, and energy conservation and emission reduction.

  The long-term development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the support and recognition of society. East will be committed to creating more value for society and contributing to sustainable development.

  In the new year, East will continue to promote the continuous and healthy development of the enterprise with higher standards, stricter requirements, and better services.

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