FESE: Quality Development Makes the Company Big and Strong

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  “UHV equipment manufacture must keep abreast of the development of UHV. We must adopt a balanced energy mix through technological reserve and industrial innovation. FESE adheres to quality development, continues to participate in the development of the global energy internet with innovative products and technologies, and efficient services and proposals, and remains committed to developing into a diversified comprehensive energy service provider,” on the sidelines of the GEI 2018, Jiang Huajun, Deputy Chair of Board and CEO of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as FESE, stock code: 600869) said at the interview with reporters from China Electric Power News, “FESE is committed to developing into a globally-leading smart energy and smart city service provider, and this in-depth participation in GEI 2018 has showcased our advanced technologies in project planning and designing, product manufacture and engineering implementation.”

  Innovation Drives Diversified Development of Cable Products

  “The main areas of innovation of FESE lie in product innovation, industry extension and product manufacture. Cable products include R&D of communications cable, submarine cable and photovoltaic cable. At the same time, we strengthened our innovation and R&D in high-end equipment manufacture and distribution automation. We focused on internet big data transmission and application of power cable, and extended optical fiber and power cable from product manufacturing to composite innovation.” Jiang Huajun said. In recent years, FESE adhered to powering growth with innovation and responding to national development strategies.

  In addition to this, in industry transformation, FESE focuses on the innovation of equipment and technologies which are key to the energy internet. It continues to research and develop large section conductor, special wire, and carbon fiber wire for UHV and smart grid, and these products were successfully applied in almost all UHV transmission lines. In the manufacture of cable, FESE stepped up forefront planning, design and comprehensive usage, and developed into the largest smart wire and cable manufacture base and smart electrical equipment manufacturer. In terms of distributed energy resources, it stressed the innovative role of micro-grid and smart micro-grid to achieve a balanced energy mix. In terms of new energy, FESE managed photovoltaic power station and energy storage power station to achieve comprehensive use of energy. In power quality management, FESE stepped up manufacture and R&D of power distribution network products and achieved safe and efficient interconnectivity of power distribution networks.

  “FESE has the ability to make technological innovations and the ability to share technologies,” Jiang Huajun told reporters, “FESE will save no effort in technology innovation. On the one hand, it will cooperate with universities, colleges and related research institutions to cultivate cutting-edge R&D teams. On the other hand, through technical reserve, FESE remains committed to the R&D of UHV and HV cable, special intelligent cable, rail transport cable and high-end building cable.

  “FESE will become an important integration of internet and traditional energy resources.” Chen Jing, Director of Board and COO of FESE told reporters when interviewed by China Electric Power News. Talking about the planning of the future development of FESE, Jiang Huajun said in order to respond to the call of the 19th Session of the National Congress of the CPC, FESE will concentrate on planning maritime technology innovations and continue to extend the length of submarine cables. It will continue to research and develop related products, build on the past and aim for new technical development.

  Talking about innovation in key technologies and equipment of UHV power transmission and new type of power transmission, Chen Jing suggested that FESE realized manufacture of quality UHV equipment through the following 3 means: First, technical reserve; Second, information coordination; Third, cultivation of service team and boost to the core technology R&D team.

  Extension of Industry Chain Drives Quality Development of the Company

  With the development of the global energy internet, in the future, the application of clean energy will be broadened. International and regional cooperation will become a new normal of energy development. FESE proactively extended the industry chain and promoted quality development of the company and upgrade of the industry.

  “The business of FESE covers energy project planning and design, product manufacture, engineering implementation, operation, maintenance and monitoring, energy efficiency management, and main contracting service. It covers the all life cycle of energy system building and service and falls into 4 parts, namely, intelligent electric power products, new energy automobile power system and energy storage system, clean or new energy system, and internet electrical engineering and electrics platform. It also proactively planned the “Internet+” centered smart energy system and eco-service system.” said Jiang Huajun.

  In the field of intelligent power products, FESE is the largest intelligent cable manufacturer, the only one of the whole industry to be rewarded with a national quality award. In the field of nuclear cable, FESE is the only partner of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. They joined hands with SNPTC to develop cables for harsh environment for the nuclear power units of “Hualong One Reactor”. In the field of new energy automobile power system and energy storage equipment, FESE is the leading company in producing ternary 18650 lithium battery, and now it is planning production of 21700 lithium battery.

  In the field of clean or new energy, FESE is the leading private enterprise in clean energy engineering. FESE has been accredited by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as Class A Power Transmission and Distribution Provider and Class B Power Industry Designing Provider. In the field of internet electrical engineering and electrics platform, FESE has established “one website and two platforms”, namely, cableabc.com, a professional wire and cable portal website, mmbao.com and bulk material spot goods trading platform and material transaction center. Now, FESE is making every effort to build a whole industry chain e-commerce O2O service platform with wire, cable, electrical engineering and electrics as its core. In 2017, FESE and Far East Holding Group acquired 100% shareholding of Beijing Jinghangan Airport Engineering Co., Ltd. In the future, it will be committed to developing into a globally-leading smart airport all-round solution provider.

  In recent years, the government continued to promote development of business environment. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine continued to focus on quality and tighten regulations. All these are support to FESE which adheres to quality production. “Self-discipline is the fundamental guarantee of quality. FESE values the awareness of self-discipline from the top down and stresses the cultivation of product quality responsibility in order to correctly guide the consumer awareness of clients.”

  “Companies participate in the quality supervision of the whole procedure of production. Through scientific management means like the automatic detection function of production, we can improve the quality of our products and aim for zero mistakes, zero defects and zero complaints.” said Jiang Huajun. FESE has always made it its goal to obtain approval of clients and peer companies and advocated the safety and reliability of wire and cable. As the representative of the industry, FESE has influenced other companies with its requirement on high quality and earned a good name for the improvement of products made in China.

  “In the future, FESE will continue to explore the potential market of the manufacture of power equipment. It will also target the new energy market, develop a whole package of comprehensive energy services including energy design, product manufacture and installation, intelligent micro-grid,” said Chen Jing, “FESE would like to provide a whole package of services throughout the extended industrial chain, achieve pluralistic development with the same goal at the center and be an excellent energy service provider. FESE is confident about the future growth. Our sales volume will continue to grow at high rate and we will continue to march towards the targeted revenue of hundreds of billions.”

  The foundation of developing advanced manufacture industry which is included in the “Made in China 2025 Plan” is the upgrade of concentration ratio, and to produce highly reliable, highly intelligent and highly economical products. FESE is committed to becoming the world-leading smart energy and smart city service provider. FESE is always ready to develop into a quality company which is big and strong and to contribute to the name card of “Made in China”. It also stands ready to contribute its own elements and colors to the development of global energy internet.

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