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Important projects and customers
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Important projects and customers of the power system


The Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River

GE, dam project

Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant


State Electric Power Corp. the three gorges ~ Pingyao 500KV electric transmission line project

State Electric Power Corp. Xinxiang ~ Anyang ~ Handan 500KV electric transmission line project

State Electric Power Corp.Fuzhou ~ Shuanglong 500KV electric transmission line project


State Electric Power Corp. Changsi ~ Xinyu, Changxi ~ Nanchang 500KV electric transmission line project

State Electric Power Corp. Zhengping ~ Yixing 500KV cmpact electric transmission line project of double circuit on the same tower

Super Voltage Transmission Power Company of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Southern Power Group Co., Ltd

China North Power Group Co., Ltd

Grid Construction Br. of State Electric Power Corporation


Huaneng International Electric Power Co., Ltd

China Water Resources and Power Materials Co., Ltd

China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd


GE dam water power station

Shandong Lu Energy Materials Group Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Electric Power Company


Beijing Urban Construction project

Guangdong Feilaixia Hydropower Station

Ertan hydropower station


East China Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Company

SDIC Beibuwan Electric Power Co., Ltd

GD Penglai Electric Power Co., Ltd


Guilin Power supply bureau of Guangxi Grid Co., Ltd

Shanghai Electric Power Material Co., Ltd

Grid Construction Branch of State Grid Co., Ltd  


Inner Mongolia Super Voltage Power Supply Bureau

Shenzhen Energy Group Eastern Electric Power Factory

Datang 830 Electric Power Factory


Shanghai Qianneng Power Equipment Co., Ltd

China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd

Inner Mongolia Mengdian Huaneng Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd


Beijing Jingdian Electrical Engineering General Company

Qidong Lantian Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd

Shanghai Pudong Power Transmission and Transformation Material Co., Ltd


Fuzhou Yili Power Material Company

Guangsi Guigang Power Supply Co., Ltd

Central China Power Material Co., Ltd


Lanzhou Power Supply Bureau

Gansu Zhangye Power Industry Bureau

Qinghai Hainan Power Supply Bureau


Hangzhou Power Material Company

Sichuan Power Company

Shanxi Power Supply Bureau


Important projects and customers of Petroleum &Chemical, coal industry and paper making


Victory Oil Field Administration

Sinopec Engineering Incorporation

CNOOC and Shell Petrochemical Company Limited


China Wuhuan Chemical Engineering Corp.

Shanghai Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation


China Petro-Chemical Supplies & Equipment Co., Ltd

SingPu Chemical Industries (Taixing) Co. Ltd

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Wuhan Branch


Shandong Haihua Company Limited Tianxiang Chemical Plant

Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Qinghua Coal Chem Ltd

Sinopec Yangtze Petrochemical Company Ltd


Hancheng Xihua Coal Mine Supplies Co., Ltd

Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Corporation

Zhenhai Refining and Chemicals Supplies & Equipment Co., Ltd


Minmetals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd

Bayer (Shanghai) Polymer Co., Ltd

Tangshan Jiahua Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd


Hailong Paper (Taicang) Co., Ltd

Jiangyin Huayi Polymer Co., Ltd

BASF-YPC Company Limited


Shanxi Coking (Group) Co.,Ltd

Bohai Petroleum & Hydroelectric Power Service Company

Tianjin Dagang oilfield


Dongguan Jiulong Paper Co., Ltd

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Jiangsu Oilfield Branch

Sinopec Qingdao Petrochemical Co., Ltd  


Important projects and customers of metallurgy


Shanghai Baosteel Group Co., Ltd

China Aluminum Corporation

Angang Group Construction Corporation


Handan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Angang Group New Iron & Steel Co., Ltd


Nanjing Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd

Lianzhong (Guangzhou) Stainless Steel Corporation

Inner Mongolia HMHJ Aluminum Electricity Co., Ltd


Shuicheng Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd

Shuicheng Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd

Shandong Huayuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd


Guangzhou Huaguan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

China Metallurgical Group Baotou Iron & Steel Research Institute

Changzhou Linhong Cast Steel Co., Ltd


Angang Electric Co., Ltd

Masteel Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Shuangling Steel Industry Co., Ltd


Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd

Anyang Iron & Steel Inc

China No. 3 Metallurgical Construction Corp


Inner Mongolia Baosteel Co., Ltd

Tianjin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd

Panzhihua Steel Group Metallurgical Construction Corp


Important projects and customers of traffic


Beijing Capital International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Baijing Railway Bureau


Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing Subway

Nanjing Second Yangtze River Bridge


Shanghai Port Authority

Zhong-Tie Construction Corporation Limited

Yuehai Railway Co., Ltd


Xi’an Xianyang International Airport

Lanzhou Railway Construction Group

Zhong-Tie Tunnel Group Co., Ltd


Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd

China Railway Siju Civil Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd

Hohhot Railway Construction (Group) Co., Ltd


China Railway Erju Industrial Development Co., Ltd

Guizhou Expressway Development Corporation

Xinjiang Ili Daryasi Valley Development Construction Management Bureau


Zhong-Tie Construction Electrization Bureau Co., Ltd

Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd

Beijing Subway Operation Corp Power Supply Corp.


Nanjing Airport Development Co., Ltd

Rizhao Port (Group) Co., Ltd

Beijing Urban Construction (Project Department Olympic Sports Center of Nanjing Subway)


Important projects and customers of construction, project and real estate


The National Grand Theatre

Shanghai Construction Group

China State Construction Engineering Corporation


China Construction International Corporation

South China Sea Petroleum Project of China Construction No.3 Bureau

Shanghai Pudong Project Operation Department


Huarun Construction Co., Ltd Shenzhen Branch

Yunnan No.2 Installation engineering Corp.

Beijing Xinjue International second-term Cooling Project


China Construction Six-bureau Installation Corp

Suzhou Changqiao Construction Installation Co., Ltd

Nanchang Railway Engineering Group Co., Ltd


No.3 Engineering Corporation of Northwest Power Construction Group Corporation

Shanghai Puhong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Beijing Xiangjiang Yibai Real Estate Development Company


Suzhou Mingcheng Real Estate &Property Co. Ltd

Shanghai Yangzijiang (Group) Co., Ltd

Nantong Construction Group Co., Ltd


China Harbor Construction (Group) Corporation

Beijing Urban Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Nantong No.2 Construction Group Co., Ltd


Xinjiang Yi River Construction Investment Co., Ltd

Beijing Urban Construction Installation Engineering Co., Ltd

Corps No.q Construction


Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd

Wuxi Sunshine Property Co., Ltd

Terminal Extension Project of Huanghua Airport of Hunan Changsha


China Kaisheng International Engineering Co., Ltd

Shanghai Senzi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

China Construction No.1 Bureau Installation Corporation

 China Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHEC)

Headquarter of Wuxi Airport Extension Project

Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corporation


Wuhan Construction Jianding Installation Engineering Co., Ltd

Suzhou No.2 Construction Group Engineering Co., Ltd

Hubei Industry Construction Contractor Group   


Important projects and customers of telecommunication, electronics, food and drug


Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd

China Unicom

Siemens International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Hunan Province Industrial Equipment Installation Corportaion

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd

Hodo Group Co., Ltd


Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd

FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd

Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd


China Suguo Co., Ltd

Shenzhou Heshili Electric Equipment Co., Ltd

SHA Taicang Xingguo Industry Co., Ltd


Shin Nippon Air Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Qinhuangdao Kimhae Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd

NWS Engineering Limited


Sahnxi Telecom

China Sanan Engineering Construction Corporation

Guangzhou TCL Storage Media Co., Ltd


Suzhou Dadonghai Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd

Xinjiang Jinfeng Technologies Co., Ltd

Shanghai Hualian Pharmacy Co., Ltd

Tianjin Taike Water Co., Ltd

Shanghai Excellent Construction Electromechanical Installation Co., Ltd

Nanjing Old Pharmacy Co., Ltd


Jining Yuxin Electrical Appliance Installation Engineering Department

Microlink Holding Co., Ltd

Huakai Investment Group Co., Ltd    


Important projects and customers of school, army troops and hospital


People’s Bank of China 

Logistic Department training base of central state organ

Project Construction Head of PLA Air Force


No.101 army of PLA

Nanjing Olympic sports center

Changzhou No.1 People’s Hospital


Jiangxu University of Technology  

Changzhou Campus of Hohai University

No.2 Research Institute of design for nuclear industry


China Aviation Powerplant Research Institute

Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital

Administration of PLA


No.96531 army of PLA

Plasma Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science

Nanjing Longjiang Sports Center


Shanxi University of Technology

Changxing People’s Hospital

Nanchang University  


Zhangjiang University Wangxin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd

Shenyang Institute of Aeronautical Technology

Nanjing Institute of Technology


Nanchang Hydraulic and Hydr College

Nanjing Chemical Vocational Technical College

Wuxi Sports Center


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